Wake - Sister Songs

A look into how the songs were written ///

Here are little bb corusco bois, before Carlos was one of the bois, and a few days after we recorded Don’t Give Up. I can’t believe we used to play this song so fast.

Corusco was born out of the idea that there are two sides to every emotion and experience warring inside of a person. You can be experiencing intense joy in one area of life while sorrow is still wrecking you - you can be on the receiving end of an incredibly painful experience at one time, and be on the giving end at some point later.

While writing the song Burn Out Loud from our first EP, Don't Give Up, I was experiencing one of those times. I was so incredibly hopeful and incredibly hopeless at the same time. So while writing a song where I was pining and grasping at that burgeoning hope, I used the same chord progression and borrowed lyrics to write a mirrored copy of the song, but seeing the situation from another lens. I wrote a little more about this in a guest blog on Concert Crap a while back.

That song would become the title track to our first full length. In a previous blog post, I talked about how I took lines from a poem I'd written and used them as lyrics in Burn out Loud. I used lyrics and lines from both the poem and the song in Wake as well. For example:

"To burn all your bridges and block in all your streams"

"I know you're still hiding in there, I swear to god I'll dig you out like bones"

In the end, the songs slightly diverged and aren't so much about the same person as they are about my battle with depression and how I try to fight it with hope - sometimes needlessly confident hope. 

The other pairings on the record are New Year and Better Off, as well as Daughter and Stranger

New Year and Better Off are the two bookends of a story about falling in love. The end coming in the form of an apology. I've found that I **sometimes** let my feelings get the best of me. So when I had such an unbelievably cinematic night as I did that New Years Eve, I fell absolutely head over heels. But I let myself get carried away, and I kept trying to pursue the relationship far past the point that I should have, and I eventually hurt that friendship deeply. 

Better Off is the story of having realized the extent to which I had hurt her & subsequently trying to find ways to make up for the things I'd done. It is hard for me to admit that I am wrong but this song is me trying to find the words to make things right. Unrelated, I was very drunk when I recorded the vocals to this song. So you can definitely hear me at one of my most vulnerable moments on that track.

Daughter and Stranger are the first "Sister Songs" that we'd written together AND intentionally. I've written about it at length in other places, so I won't really super reiterate what I've said before, but I will include the shared lyrics from the bridge of both songs:

I'll spread your bones like scattered ash
Across the river where you'll sleep forever
Every tear that you have sewn
Will claw its way out of their eyes
And grow
Spread my bones like scattered ash
Across the river where I'll sleep forever
Every tear that I have sewn
Will claw its way out of my eyes
And grow

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