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N E W  Y E A R  /// 

We've waited what seems like forever to share this new song with you. It's the first single we'll be releasing off of our upcoming album, Wake. It's a silly love song, but it's something that I felt like I had to create. 

I find that it's hard for me to often remember the times where I felt happiest and most alive. I'm still not sure if it's the depression, or just my own forgetful nature. But this song takes a moment in time where I truly felt time stop and watched everything in slow motion, and hangs it on the wall in my mind.

Yes, it's a silly love song about a first kiss, but it's also wrought with that anguish and anxiety that plagues those long seconds before. When I was describing to the guys how I wanted the bridge to feel, this scene from HIMYM came to mind. Victoria talks about the drumroll and how that anticipation and build up to a kiss holds so much magic. The way Ted thinks about that night at the wedding - that's kind of how I felt about that evening. And yes, we actually literally used a drumroll in the bridge. Sometimes things just come together.

The song itself takes me back to that moment that time stood still.

There were cannons shooting confetti into the air and it was raining down as the rest of the crowd yelled "Happy New Year!". The band started playing Auld Lang Syne, while those not playing on stage held bottles of champagne and swayed with each other. But for us, the music faded and there was nothing else but our laughter and smiling and those intimate moments suspended in time. It reminds me that life can really be good and beautiful and that they can hold real magic. 

The song was originally called Granada and was, I think, the first song that we wrote together as a band (all the songs on Don't Give Up were written on an acoustic guitar in my bedroom before Corusco was even going to be a real band). Just a fun fact for any of you from Dallas, you'll probably know where this took place. 

Wake was written with the idea of taking these small moments and piecing them together like a mosaic to tell a story. New Year is the first half of a story that will conclude with the second song on the record - Better Off.

you can listen below and read along with the lyrics.
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aaron ///

L Y R I C S  ///

It sends chills down your neck
What did you expect if you don’t dress for the cold?
We walk these streets among the trees
With the lights strung up, your eyes light up

I see you glow as the sound is fading
Please hold me, because my hands are shaking

Is this what you’ve waited for?
This is all I’ve waited for
As the clock unwinds on us...
I will see you in a new year, if your kiss is still around
As the clock unwinds, your lips touch mine

Wide eyed. Breathe in.
The moment hangs like pictures.
My hands. Your back.
Everything in slow motion
Lips touch. Exhale.
The music implodes backwards.

Take my hand, it’s the only thing that’s keeping us on the ground
I’m breathless, you’re reeling…
You’re the only real thing I know