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D A U G H T E R  ///

This is the second single from "Wake", and it might be one of our favorites to play live. There's something about the way the bass riff at the beginning of the song sets the dark, haunting tone of the rest of the song. I've already written a lot about this one. If you haven't read up on the articles that have come out about this one, check this one out from Bring the Noise:

Warning: Things are about to get a little emotional. You have been warned.

Whether it’s from your third cousin, your great-great-aunt or even your grandfather, like it or not, most families unfortunately have some sort of darkness attached to them. Now of course, all households are different but at the end of the day, like Corusco’s eye-opening new single “Daughter,” that darkness may eventually affect you in more ways than one.   

“My grandpa was in the Navy when he was younger - he was stationed on a submarine during the Korean War,” explains vocalist Aaron Gonzalez. “By the time he had a family, he had adopted a pretty awful case of alcoholism. My grandmother saw the ugliest sides of emotional abuse and she eventually ended up raising my mom and aunt by herself.” 

“The rest of his life he lived in different states and had marriages with a handful of other women,” Gonzalez adds. “This song is my mother (the daughter), speaking to my grandpa (the stranger), at different points in their relationship, including after his death. I sometimes worry that I’ve inherited some of his traits, and this song is part of me reminding myself to do better.”

It's worth mentioning that this song has a natural pairing in Stranger. They were written together, to be understood as two pieces of a conversation. The lyrics in the bridge of both songs are the same - but with different perspective driven pronouns. This is one of three pairings we wrote this way on the record. I'll be writing more on that later.

A little behind the scenes, this was the last song we recorded at Rio Grande. It capped the end of a wild week where each song was basically completely recorded in the span of 5 hours. Right as we were done rearranging this song and Carlos was about to start tracking drums, Phil was locked in the bathroom throwing up. Eventually we figured out that he had kidney stones. So we peeled out of the adobe house in the minivan and I drove a pale Phil to the nearest hospital. I had to leave him there and switch places with Carlos to finish my parts. By the time Gillespie tracked bass and I did guitars/piano/vocals, Phil had passed the stone & didn't even need to go to the ER anymore. 

So this song feels like a lot of things, but also feels like that bit of worry and stress and tension made its way into the song itself. 


L Y R I C S ///

You stood tall before the road and steeled the lines across your face. I whispered: “Father, I don’t know if I’d even want you to stay.”

Take your faults and cut them out & lace your veins with ivory. Open up your thirsty mouth and drain your body through a sieve.

You’re alone.

Slow dissolve into regret: a sickness I could never cure. Every vice I can’t abandon, I blame on my father’s blood

You’re alone. So let go. When you find your way out I’ll dismantle all your bones. 

I’ll spread your bones like scattered ash across the river where you’ll sleep, forever. Every tear that you have sewn will claw its way out of their eyes and grow.