Sugar Cubes (Lyrics)

I’ve retraced steps and they led me to where we first met
You taste like pine and move just like a river
Where your leaves have all turned red

You feel like hollowed out memories I’ve tried to burn before
You said, “no one else could love you like I do right now.
I’m giving up.”

I’m finding out that happiness is not what I’d expected
And loneliness is more than a mistake
Maybe it’s okay if I am both of them at once

I’ve learned a lot but I don’t understand
How hearts can hold such sorrow and joy all at once
I’ll never understand the balance or the cure
But I’m listening close to the words of my mother now

There are oceans with no bottom that we all drown in
Foaming with memories
The ships we claim to have mastered have no captain
And lay shattered on the beach

Your teeth are sugar cubes ever dissolving
In this endless sea of caffeine conversation
That leaves us stranded

And wondering if it’s really true
That joy is just a word that we have painted
To compliment our fragile fate
On concrete monuments that only poor men seek

I’ve learned a lot or not enough to know
When life has knocked me down
To dig trenches in the dirt
And I’ll fight like hell to free myself
From shackles of my fear

Or learn to love them
But hate who I’ve become